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Agro Food Test in DelhiFood Testing has become crucial requirement to ensure the safety, hygiene and standardized product manufacturing practices. The consumer has become more aware towards Adulterations and Standard Products, due to which it becomes important for Food Business Operators to meet Client satisfaction.

Food Microbiology is important to diagnose the prevailing microorganisms which contaminate the food and cause health issues along with food spoilage. However there are certain Good Bacteria which are known as probiotics contribute to good health of an individual.

Food Safety is important to ensure safety of manufactured food items by conducting microbiological tests such as testing for pathogens and spoilage organisms are required. This way the risk of contamination under normal use conditions can be examined and food poisoning outbreaks can be prevented. Testing of food products and ingredients is important along the whole supply chain as possible flaws of products can occur at every stage of production. Read the rest of this entry »


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BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENTS Health Industry is perhaps the most crucial sector wherein the accuracy & safety of the monitoring instruments is of extreme importance. The science of measurement in Medical Diagnostics whether in Routine Health Checkups or during procedures requiring the use of High End Instruments for surgery or ward is to ensure that the risks associated with the use of these devices is minimized.

With the growing concerns regarding patient’s safety & data accuracy & precision, periodic testing & calibration of   Medical Devices as per the Department of Health and MHRA has become necessary for all those associated with Healthcare Industry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Untitled-1 copyUltrasonic transducer finds its application in development of Ultrasonic detection equipments used for fault detection, level, motion-state monitoring. The technique can also be used for ultrasonic medical-imaging and NDT Testing Laboratory (NDT Testing) devices.
A team of researchers from Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore have developed a type of tilt sensor used in ultrasonic devices for sensing applications. The device is based on principle of Echolocation, used by Dolphins & Microbats for locating prey & navigation. The technique uses sound/ultrasonic waves to located objects & surfaces. The principle is also made use of by Ships & submarines to avoid collisions
 Micromachining technique is used to develop capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducers’ (CMUTs) on silicon wafer .When ultrasonic waves are applied on the membrane of the sensor (biased CMUT) an alternating signal(energy transduction)is generated w.r.t change in capacitance. Since the device is fabricated using micromaching, the component is very compact & can be conveniently integrated with standard electronics components, which are also based on silicon.
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facility-management-servicesAs the nature and objectives of emerging business establishments are undergoing radical change to stay afloat in volatile economic scenarios, the ways of managing all the aspects associated with the business of a company are also evolving. Any business enterprise is established not only on the apparently short-term simple objective of Profit-earning, but also making sure that the activities undertaken by the company are sustainable so as to be productive in the long run. In order to achieve harmonious operation of all the functionalities of a business, companies are seriously considering implementation of the emerging scientific discipline of Facility Management or Facility Management Services (FMS). These services involve management of all the supporting components of a business, so as to optimize its primary functions, enhance its productivity, and give the company a definite and measurable competitive edge in a particular business sector. Since, the functioning and requirements of different business sectors vary so do the implementation and scope of Facility Management Services in relation to them.

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