Quality & Safety of Food products and Water

The quality of food is an extremely important issue in today’s world. A number of regulations have been enforced by a number of international bodies controlling the quality of foods available in the market places. The quality of food has two broad aspects; one is the ‘Safety’ concern and the other is the ‘Values that make a food item appealing to customers’. Water testing mainly involves three broad types of testing characteristics: Physical, Chemical, and biological/micro-biological. All these parameters influence and decide the suitability of a particular type of water for an intended use. The ‘Food products testing’ unit and the ‘Water testing’ unit of Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. have been carrying out the testing activities as per accepted protocols.

Food is the fuel which drives the internal body system of every human being. So, just like the quality of fuels for vehicles determines their performance and service-life, the quality of food items is an extremely important factor in deciding the well-being, vitality, and most importantly, the safety and survival of human beings. There are two very important, but very fundamentally different aspects of ‘Quality of food’. When we talk about the quality of food, the two points of concern are ‘Safety’ and ‘Values that make a food item appealing to customers’. The former aspect, which refers to the presence or absence of all those hazards (like pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, toxins etc.), is not negotiable. It is an issue which endangers the existence of human beings who consume the particular food products, and hence can not be compromised with. The latter aspect defines those characteristics of food which influence its appealing value to the customers. This aspect automatically takes into account the ‘Safety’ issue associated with the food item. The various such factors can be taste, aroma, color, nutritional values etc. Adequate quality control is extremely crucial to be implemented at every stage of the food product’s supply chain. This role is carried out by accredited third party laboratories. The services offered by such laboratories are being used by a host of bodies like food manufacturers, food distributors, food exporters, academic and research institutions etc. In the field of food testing, Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. has carved a niche for itself by providing accurate and reliable test results to its customers. The tests are conducted as per various accepted national and international standards like IS, ISO, USFDA, AOAC, and also as per client’s specific requirements.

The importance of the quality of water, as it relates to all the living organisms and non-living objects in our ecosystem, can not be overemphasized. Water is an indispensable necessity for the survival of all living beings. Human beings from time immemorial have been using water for various requirements. The requirements or applications of water vary according to the intended use. Thus, the quality requirements for a particular type of water vary depending on the intended use. The various uses of water include irrigation work, building/construction work, livestock watering, industrial uses, and finally drinking purposes. Hence, the types of water also vary likewise; there can be raw water, waste water, treated water, construction water, drinking water etc. Different specifications exist for the various types of water. The various tests that are conducted on water are aimed at determining the following broad characteristics: physical, chemical, and biological/micro-biological. Physical testing parameters of water include temperature, flow-velocity, light penetration, color etc., and these tests mainly refer to the ability of a water body to physically cope with pollution. The physical parameters also affect the chemical and biological test results. The chemical testing of water determine its composition in terms of various chemical entities. Some of the parameters include pH, acidity, alkalinity, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Bio-chemical Oxygen Demand, various metallic and non-metallic constituents. The various chemical parameters have an effect on some of the properties of water. The biological/micro-biological parameters refer to the qualification and quantification of various micro-organisms, like bacteria etc. Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. is well adept in providing world-class testing services for any type of water, using various national & international testing protocols.


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