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Spectro Analytical Lab-The solution for spice product testing

Spices are important components of Indian foods. They contribute towards making our foods delicious, make our foods look colored and flavored. They play a vital role in making our foods healthy and enjoyable too. There are various kinds of spices available in the market and they are the ingredients that help us in many ways to maintain our good health.

They are in big demand today in the national and international market and they come in different forms too. The wide popularity of these spices has in another way impacted our life because they come with various ingredients that are hazard to our health. It is the reason they need to be tested before presenting them out in the market to the consumers. We can say that due to the black market and various other intended purposes by few agents they adulterate the spices with the aim of getting profits in the market in one or another form. Read the rest of this entry »


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