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Food Testing Laboratory

Agro Food Test in DelhiFood Testing has become crucial requirement to ensure the safety, hygiene and standardized product manufacturing practices. The consumer has become more aware towards Adulterations and Standard Products, due to which it becomes important for Food Business Operators to meet Client satisfaction.

Food Microbiology is important to diagnose the prevailing microorganisms which contaminate the food and cause health issues along with food spoilage. However there are certain Good Bacteria which are known as probiotics contribute to good health of an individual.

Food Safety is important to ensure safety of manufactured food items by conducting microbiological tests such as testing for pathogens and spoilage organisms are required. This way the risk of contamination under normal use conditions can be examined and food poisoning outbreaks can be prevented. Testing of food products and ingredients is important along the whole supply chain as possible flaws of products can occur at every stage of production. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Best Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory

Drugs testing laboratories create their significance known in every tablet someone ingests, every powdered a person blends in water to fight their pounding headache, and each injection of insulin a diabetic trusts to regulate their blood sugar. The community places their trust in pharmaceutical testing laboratories to screen the dangerous from the safe, and desires that every therapeutic therapy has been properly supervised to remove potential threats. Simply put, pharmaceutical testing laboratories create it possible for the community to treat without worry. The best of the best offer a full-scale catalog of services. Some of these include:

Raw material testing – Before the pharmaceutical is developed, it is helpful to test the raw materials to ensure that each one is of top quality. These raw material work in collaboration with each other to create a pharmaceutical testing lab that can relieve a indication or signs, and by making sure each one is of the best excellent possible, the biggest outcomes can be predicted from the completed item. Read the rest of this entry »

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Clean Room Technology Services

SPECTRO, a well-known and globally recognized Brand / Name in Environmental services including Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, Validation, Certification and Consultancy services, with a rich experience of more than 15 years. SPECTRO is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, world class instruments and competent Scientists and Analysts. Our Experts are having vast experience and knowledge in Clean Room Technology and Environmental services and are fully dedicated to their job to provide maximum customer satisfaction with their services and continuous technical up-gradation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Implications of testing of Petroleum Products

The importance of the use of petroleum products in today’s era can be seen and realized almost everywhere. The vast range of petroleum and petrochemical products being used in almost every sphere of activities is proof enough of the fact that such products have become indispensable for the existence of mankind. Although the history of the usage of petroleum products dates back to medieval periods, it is only recently that the importance of quality of such products has been realized. This is mainly because of the wide applications of those products like in household purposes, industries, automobiles, aviation sector, etc. and also because of the improvement in the refining processes developed as a result of evolution of new technologies. Read the rest of this entry »

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