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Untitled-1 copyUltrasonic transducer finds its application in development of Ultrasonic detection equipments used for fault detection, level, motion-state monitoring. The technique can also be used for ultrasonic medical-imaging and NDT Testing Laboratory (NDT Testing) devices.
A team of researchers from Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore have developed a type of tilt sensor used in ultrasonic devices for sensing applications. The device is based on principle of Echolocation, used by Dolphins & Microbats for locating prey & navigation. The technique uses sound/ultrasonic waves to located objects & surfaces. The principle is also made use of by Ships & submarines to avoid collisions
 Micromachining technique is used to develop capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducers’ (CMUTs) on silicon wafer .When ultrasonic waves are applied on the membrane of the sensor (biased CMUT) an alternating signal(energy transduction)is generated w.r.t change in capacitance. Since the device is fabricated using micromaching, the component is very compact & can be conveniently integrated with standard electronics components, which are also based on silicon.
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