Testing Services

Metals & Alloys Testing
Ferrous, Non-Ferrous-Metals and Precious Metals, Steel, Tool, Stainless Steels, Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Lead, Brass, Platinum etc by OES/XRF/AAS/ICPSpectrometers.

Corrosion Testing
Salt Spray, CASS, Pitting, Crevice Corrosion, HIC/SSCC, IGCC test, Chloride Corrosion test, Ammonia Vapour test, Vibration, Heat Cycle, Thermal Shock, etc.


Welded Structure Testing
Welding performance and procedure qualification, Radiography, Transverse Tensile test, Root, face test, macro examination etc as per ASME or API codes.

Building Materials Testing
Physical and chemical tests of concrete, Cement, Aggregate.


Soil Testing
CBR, Modified Proctor Test, Density, Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Moisture content and drying effects. particle size.

Ferrography Testing
Wear metal analysis of lubricating oils , greases and transformer  in  fertilizer, cement, steel plants and refineries .


Polymers and Rubbers Test
Resins, Components for Polymer Identification, FTIR, TGA, DSC, Ageing, Ozone, XENON Tensile, Flexural,

Food & Agro Products Test
Pesticide Residues, Toxic Metals, Nutritional Analysis in Spices, Agricultural Products as per PFA, AOAC or WHO Protocols. Migration tests.


Environmental Monitoring
Environment Monitoring of Ambient Air, Stack, Indoor, Cleanroom, Noise, Soil, Solid Waste, EIA, EMP Studies.

Coal and Mineral Inspection
Spectro can certify the true value of many commodities by independent inspection, sampling and testing.

Radiation Monitoring
Spectro lab is equipped with INSPECTOR PLUS to monitor & measure ionizing radiation, alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays and x-rays.

Laboratory Setup Services

Lab Setup from designing & implementing integrated solutions to layout planning & design as per ISO-17025 norms for Pharma, Petrochemical etc.

NDT Awareness Programme
Spectro provides training leading level-II, level-I examination of ASNT/ISNT in Radiography, UT, MPI, OTPT etc.

Corrosion Awareness
Areas most prone to corrosion & the importance of reporting and correcting corrosion problems.

Textile Training Program
Fiber Label Recommendation, Care label recommendation, Flammability.

Microbiology Training Program
Includes modules on industrial and food microbiology technique

HPLC Training Program
Includes hardware & software introduction outline of HPCL training

Polymer Awareness
This awareness program helps to educators in the application of polymers.



Tensile, Proof Load, Flexural, Hardness, Micro-Hardness, Charpy (ASTM) Impact Tests-Izod, Shear, Hot Tensile Tests, Welded Coupons etc.

NDT, Structural and Building
Inspection.NDT inspection of vessels, Structures, Piping, Bridges, Old Fire Ravaged Buildings, Water Tanks, Load Test, Structure Stability, Corrosion Monitoring.


RLA Studies Services
Extensive thickness survey, MPI at critical weld joints, UT of critical weld joints, In-situ Metallography, Hardness survey etc.

Paint and Coating Testing
Various coatings and paints tests to assess their performance.

Minerals & Ores Testing
Ferro Alloys, Feldspar, Limestone, Ores by ICP/XRF/AAS Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis, Petrography.

Refractories/ Insulation Materials Testing
Insulation wool, blanket, Fire Bricks, silemenite, glass wool, glass for Chemical, Mechanical, Resistance, thermal conductivity Tests.


Electrical/Electronics Test
Cables, Appliances, Components for High Voltage, Resistance Dust, Salt Spray, Vibration test.


Cosmetics & Drugs Testing
Raw Material & Formulations (as per IP, BP, USP), using GC-MS/MS, HPLC, IR, UV-VIS, TLC, ICP/AAS, MSDS, shelf life, packaging and migration studies, Microbial count, Preservative efficacy.

Paper/Packaging Material

Craft Paper, Bond Paper, Corrugated Boxes- Crushing Test, Drop Test, bursting Strength, Vibration Test, Migration Test, Chloride Test.

Third Party Inspection
.Spectro undertakes stage wise inspections of various process equipment like Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers etc.

Metal Scrap Inspection
Spectro has been conducting scrap metal inspection for Customs besides many customers in for ferrous and non- ferrous scraps.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Rapid Environment Impact assessment studies to various industriesincluding infrastructure, mining, distilleries, as per EIA notification.

Clean Room Designing Validation Services
As per class 1000 for Thermal Analysis, Laboratory and Microbiological Labs.

GC-MS Training
Spectro’s provides training on Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy.



Metallography Testing Services
Grain Size, Effective Case Depth, Phase Studies, Inclusions In-situ Metallography, Image Analysis, and Failure Analysis.

Failure Analysis Testing Services
Failure Analysis studies of Boiler Tubes, Condensers, Auto Components, Hooks, Bolts etc. Polymer components, Root Cause, Recommendations to avoid Future Failures.


Hazardous Substances & Restricted RoHS
ROHS Toxic Metals, Brominated Compounds as required under ELV-2002, ROHS-2004, EU Directive-2002, WEE-2006.

Coal/Coke Testing
Calorific value, ultimate, Proximate analysis- Moisture, Ash & Fixed Carbon – C,H, O, N, S.

Petroleum Products Test
Insulating Oils, HSD, Engine Oil for Wear Metals, Dissolved Gases, Viscosity, Fire Point, Flash Point, SOAP Analysis, and Mud Analysis.

Hardlines & Softlines Products Test Services
Toys, Metal Handicrafts, EPNS, Candle Stands, Candles, Incenses, Woven, Garments, Furnishing, Packing Tests,

Miscellaneous Products Test
MSDS Reports, Adhesives, Fine Chemicals & Essential Oils, Dyes, Flavors, Fertilizers.

Occupational Safety and Health Monitoring Services
Occupational Exposure assessments, Ergonomic assessments survey, Evaluation of hazard control methods, illumination survey, ventilation survey, etc.


NDT Inspection Services
Spectro’s Failure Analysis reports provide a clear picture of the root cause, and include recommendations to avoid future failures.

Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist
This course will provide with a high-level overview on Metallography.

ICP Training Services
Program includes general a description of the ICP OES instrument and use of accessories.
Textile Training Program
Fiber Label Recommendation, Care label recommendation, Flammability.

ROHS Certification 
Spectro offers a complete solution for RoHS compliance.


Miscellaneous Calibration
Flow calibration, of air samplers and gas samplers.


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